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It's another killer role for Saoirse as she's out to get Tony Soprano in new comedy...

SAOIRSE Ronan is back to being a badass. She's out to kill and her 'dead man walking' is none other than Sopranos star James Gandolfini.

The Carlow native has teamed up with petite actress Alexis Bledal for the gun-toting role in comedy thriller Violet & Daisy.

The film focuses on two teenage assassins who love taking out targets. But their focus is thrown when they meet Michael (Gandolfini). Although they have agreed to kill Michael, the two girls find it a lot harder than they anticipated.

It's a different role for Gandolfini – who is most memorable for his violent depiction of gangster boss Tony Soprano.

She may have played a teenage killer in film Hanna, but Saoirse says Daisy is a completely different character.

"It's about two hit girls – Hanna's not a hit girl, she's just a killer, there's an important separation there," she said.

"Violet and Daisy are two hit girls who have to kill this guy played by James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano of all people!"

In the trailer Daisy (Saoirse) and Violet (Bledal) run around firing guns and chasing baddies.

The two 18-year-olds are best friend and when they're not 'taking people out', they like to dance around in their apartment, read magazines and go shopping.

In another shot, Saoirse is seen posing in an air hostess uniform and looking distraught on a set of steps.



In the movie poster the two girls look at the camera with red lollipops in front of their mouths.

The movie is the directorial debut for Geoffrey Fletcher, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Precious.

And so far Violet & Daisy seems to be pulling in pretty good reviews. The movie premiered at Toronto Film Festival in 2011 and was described as having "win written all over it".

Since starring in creepy killer flick The Lovely Bones, Saoirse said she has been cast in more serious roles.

"There are a lot of projects that aren't just kind of 'teeny bop' films, they're quality films and they're centred around young people," she said.

But the Atonement actress said that she was keen to try her hand at comedy.

"I actually don't have a problem doing comedy or a rom com, I'd love to do that kind of stuff. It's just been the way it's worked out so far," she said.

Earlier this year, she starred in Stephanie Meyer's latest fantasy series The Host. Despite the massive PR push the film received luke-warm reviews.