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It's another killer role for Saoirse

SHE has a killer instinct for a leading role -- and now Saoirse Ronan has teamed up with the godfather of gangster flicks, James Gandolfini.

The Oscar-nominated actress has yet to reach her twenties but she's racking up more kudos as a deadly assassin.

Saoirse (17) reprieves the role of a cold-blooded killer in the new movie Violet And Daisy.

The Carlow native previously stunned critics with her cool portrayal of a child trained to kill in Hanna.

Now she and Gilmore Girls actress Alexis Bledel star as teenage assassins who speak of their work in blunt, grotesque terms.

The pair accept a tidy job but get more than they bargained for when they come face to face with their target - played by Gandolfini, who is best-known as Tony Soprano.

The quirky film premiered on Thursday as part of the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and has received rave reviews.

The film is the directorial debut of Geoffrey Fletcher, screenwriter of Precious.

Irish superstar Ronan now has her pick of roles and was recently chosen to play the lead role in the film adaption of The Host, based on the sci-fi novel penned by Stephenie Meyers, author of the cult-following Twilight series.Ronan will play the role of Melanie, whose mind becomes possessed by a parasitic alien.

The teen said that since her Oscar nomination for The Lovely Bones, she has been offered more challenging roles.

"There are a lot of projects now that aren't just kind of 'teeny bop' films, they're quality films and they're centred around young people," she said.

The Atonement actress said that she was keen to try her hand at comedy.

"I actually don't have a problem doing comedy or a rom com, I'd love to do that kind of stuff. It's just been the way it's worked out so far," she said.