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It's all systems go as I'm getting house ready for the arrival of our baby

This weekend will be all about Moses baskets and painting for me as I get stuck into making our house baby-ready.

Myself and my wife Rita are expecting our first child in March and there is still plenty to be done around our home in Galway.

So after a long week working on RTE's afternoon show Today, I definitely won't be putting my feet up.

Preparations are going really well. I was moving stuff all last week so the spare room has been moved to another spare room and we're going to make up the baby's room this weekend.

I will spend the next two days painting and the following week the baby gear is coming. We are going for neutral colours because we don't know if we are going to have a boy or a girl.


Rita landed home after a visit to the States for thanksgiving with loads of Winnie the Pooh stuff so that all has to go up on the walls.

Then I have to sort the cot and the Moses basket and the travel system, as it's being called.

It seems there is no such thing as a pram any more – you would actually need a PhD to drive this new travel system.

Seriously though, it is all very exciting. But I tell you what – it is a costly business.

Rita is going to have the baby in Galway where we live so everything is going well and we had another scan last week.

It's funny because when she is sitting at home watching Today the baby starts kicking when he hears my voice so I take that as a sign the baby recognises me.


The week really started last weekend for me because we were in Clare filming a piece that went out during the week.

Then I was in Cork every day for filming on Today so it was a long week

I leave Galway at half nine and get home again at half nine that night so there isn't room for much else.

I am looking forward to being able to relax when I get home tonight and on a Saturday afternoon I usually meet my friends for a pint or hang out with Rita.

I stay down in Cork one night a week when I'm working and I travel up and down between there and home the rest of the week.

But it suits me because I get work done on the way down and on the way home I catch up on my Mad Men and Breaking Bad box sets.

So by the time I get home I have wound down after the day and I hang out with Rita for a couple of hours before hitting the hay.