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It's all go at the minute as I move from Ripper Street to the West End

IT IS an exciting time for me after finding out that the production I am starring in, Ghosts, will be moving to the West End next month.

I do eight shows per week so it is taking up my evenings at the moment, but I love it so I don't care.

And when I get home I have been catching up with the new season of Ripper Street on BBC1 where I play a prostitute who is trying to turn her life around.

So there is a lot going on for me, meaning my social life is taking a back seat for awhile.

Ghosts has been running at the Almeida Theatre since September, but we will be moving over to the West End some time in December for 12 weeks.


I have never performed on the West End before, although the Almeida Theatre is quite prestigious in London so I am a lucky girl all round.

It's been fun to work on because everyone is a great laugh, but the play is very heavy. So your energy levels need to be high for it.

It's Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts so you couldn't get more serious than that .

Although, there is a lot of dark humour in there, too.

When I come home on a Monday night, I am wrecked but I always stay up to catch Ripper Street on the iPlayer.

The second season of the drama has

just kicked off on BBC1 every Monday so I am really enjoying it.

I play a prostitute, Rose, who is trying to leave all that behind her so my storyline is just starting to take off this season.

I have to sing this time around because Rose is trying to make a go of it in a music hall so that was a daunting, but interesting experience.

I don't class myself as a singer, but they think I have a voice so it was something that was landed on me and I went with it.

I am really close to MyAnna Buring who plays Long Susan on the show so we hang out when we get a chance.


I am looking forward to seeing her this Saturday because we are going for a nice breakfast together.

She is on stage too so we are both meeting up in the morning for a catch-up before we go and thread the boards.

I live in Shoreditch in East London and I love it there now.

The reaction to Ripper Street has been amazing The reviews have been brilliant.

It's got a really good cast with Matthew MacFayden in the lead so it keeps you on your toes.

We are two years into it now so we have all settled in as a cast. We just have a lot of fun making it and I think that there is good chemistry on the show.

It is filmed in Dublin as well so I get a chance to come back to Ireland.