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It's a girl and Nadine can't wait


Nadine Coyle. Photo: William Cherry/Presseye/PA Wire

Nadine Coyle. Photo: William Cherry/Presseye/PA Wire

Nadine Coyle. Photo: William Cherry/Presseye/PA Wire

Former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle is expecting a baby girl.

The Derry singer had her baby shower over Christmas and has announced she is expecting a girl.

The 28-year-old singer shared a photo of a stork shaped balloon with 'It's A Girl' written across his head.

Nadine was inundated with messages from fans who had assumed she had given birth.

"Thank you for all your lovely messages. She is not born yet. That is a baby shower balloon. We can't wait until she is. Loads of love! Xx"

Nadine announced she was pregnant on instagram last August.

After some speculation over who the father was, Nadine confirmed in October she was back together with her ex-fiancé and American football player Jason Bell.

"I think we just forgot to tell everyone we were together," she said.

"When I said I was pregnant I thought, 'Why's everyone wondering who it is?' Then I remembered, 'Oh yes, that's right. I do stuff on TV and people are confused.'"

"I think I was the least likely to be the first to have a baby, It would always come up,' she told Hello Magazine.

"A couple of the other girls had wanted babies for a long time but I said no way. It was definitely a shock, but I was really happy."


While fans rushed to congratulate Nadine, the rest of Girls Aloud were less forthcoming. Perhaps they're still cross over Nadine's admission that she never wanted the band to split following their Ten Tour.

"I didn't want it to end – but the sequins, the wings and a bump wouldn't have been a good look. I loved the reunion and hopefully one day we will get back together to do something else," Nadine said.