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It's a far cry from Lady Mary for Downton's Michelle

IT'S a world away from Lady Mary -- but actress Michelle Dockery shows there's more to her than wearing 1920s gowns and fretting about the future of Downton Abbey.

Michelle swaps the 1920s elegance for a leather skirt and bra top as she poses for Interview magazine in a retro 1960s-style photoshoot.

And in another snap for the magazine, Michelle is sporting a polo neck and peaked cap while holding a rolled-up cigarette.

Speaking about the ITV and TV3 period drama, Michelle says the reason behind its global success is simple.

"The audience gets a nostalgic feeling for the period," she tells the magazine.

"It's a time without the internet, without mobile phones. It was an easier sort of period that we look back on and find very heartwarming," she explained.

The third series of the drama has seen Mary marry her true love Matthew.

Mary's wedding was one of the most talked-about TV events of this year -- and producers went all out to keep the details secret, including the wedding dress.

"We were in this carriage -- me and Hugh Bonneville -- and the windows were all blacked out and there were paparazzi climbing trees to get a glimpse.

"I would have been really disappointed, actually, if someone had managed to get a snap of it," she said.

Last night, millions of viewers across Ireland and the UK tuned in to the fifth episode -- where something completely unexpected happened. For those of you who haven't yet seen it, we won't say any more.