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It's a caveman diet and the gym for Louise ahead of Kilimanjaro trip

FADE Street star Louise Johnston is hoping her 'caveman diet' will get her in shape for her upcoming Kilimanjaro climb.

The Dublin-born reality star has been taking to the gym three days a week with pals Roz Purcell and Daniella Moyles in order to build up her strength and get toned for their hike up Africa's highest peak.

"I've found the diet the hardest, because although I eat quite healthily, I love my carbs," said Louise.

During a break from filming for the documentary which follows the girls in training for the big climb, Louise (22) and model mates Roz and Daniella told the Herald about preparations for the trek.

"It's very much a caveman diet -- very restrictive, a little bland and everything has to be natural -- so processed foods are out," she said

"I would always have tea and toast for breakfast but now I can't have that." Louise and the team have been put on a strict diet while in training for the six day challenge in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation in October.

Enlisting the help of trainer Paddy McKeon, the trio have been going through intense workouts to gear up for the mountain climb.

Aspiring TV presenter Daniella Moyles revealed that she is not a fan of the two hour gym workouts.

"At the start I'd have to be dragged out of bed but now I'm getting used to it," she told the Herald.

"I am by far the least fit out of the team, so this is all new to me."

AR model Georgia Salpa has been absent from this week's training while soaking up the sun in Italy with beau Calum Best.

Roz has been flying between Ireland and New York since she shot to fame after Miss Universe last year.

Although she will miss a couple of training sessions, she uses an exercise DVD for when she's travelling.

The documentary on the girls' efforts to get ready for the African challenge is set to air on TV3 early next year.