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It's a boy! Model Sarah celebrates new arrival

Model Sarah McGovern and her husband Kenny Vaughan have welcomed a new addition to their family, a baby boy.

The blonde delivered her first child yesterday morning in Dublin and is said to be doing well.

Celebrity pal and agent Andrea Roche was first to spread the news of the happy event. She confirmed that the newborn weighed 8lb 8oz and posted a message on her company's site leading up to the birth, wishing her friend good luck.

The baby born has yet to be given a name, according to sources close to Sarah (30) and her husband.

The AR model revealed earlier this month that she had kept up her fitness routine even as she neared her due date.

"I have been keeping really fit all throughout the pregnancy. I was adamant to keep up the training. I use a personal trainer twice a week," she said.

"He said at the end of the day I have to think of labour as a marathon so I need to train.The more stamina and strength you have, the better and easier the labour is going to be.


While she couldn't do strenuous exercises, Sarah explained that she had been focusing on Pilates and swimming

She admitted that one of the reasons that she insisted on exercising during her nine months of pregnancy was because of the tough industry she works in.

"On the other side of things I'm hoping my body might snap back a bit easier.

"I am worried about after the baby how tired you can look," she also told the Irish Tatler. "But if I get my figure back, and if people want to book me then that would be brilliant because I still love my job.

"Modelling is an awkward job to have a baby in."

It is understood that the catwalk queen might be returning to work sooner than expected. "I'll take a good few weeks off if I can. Andrea's like 'I'll have you back by October', Sarah joked.