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It was an insect bite, not a heart attack - Gerald


 Gerald Kean. Photo: Tom Burke

Gerald Kean. Photo: Tom Burke

Gerald Kean. Photo: Tom Burke

SOLICITOR Gerald Kean has revealed how he was hospitalised this week as a result of an insect bite he received while on holiday.

The legal representative's ex-girlfriend Lisa Murphy remained at his bedside in Blackrock Clinic last night as he underwent treatment for serious blood poisoning.

The 55-year-old was rushed to the private clinic last Sunday after feeling unwell for several days.

The celebrity solicitor went public with his illness last night to counter false reports he had suffered a serious heart attack.

Speaking to the Herald last night he said he was suffering from serious blood poisoning but that his condition had been improving.

He said that last Monday his temperature had rocketed to 41 degrees. "I had a serious situation, much more serious than I thought," he told the Herald.

"I've had a horrendous infection but feeling a lot better thanks to the treatment I have received here."



The father-of-one revealed the infection was caused by an insect bite on his ankle while on holidays in Portugal.

But it was not until a few days after he returned to Ireland on, Sunday July 14, that he began to feel unwell.

"The insect bite left my ankle itchy so I made the mistake of touching the wound which opened it up so it spread throughout my right leg."

The Cork native completely lost his appetite and by last weekend felt so weak he could not get out of bed, he revealed.

"My temperature was soaring. I was literally in pools of perspiration," he said.

"What really saved me was my friend Dr Harry Beauchamp coming down to see me at home in Wicklow last Sunday.

"He took one look at me and said he would bring me immediately to the Blackrock Clinic.

"However, things have stabilised as a result of the excellent treatment I've received."

Mr Kean, whose sister Aideen was at his bedside, paid tribute to the medical team and nursing staff at Blackrock Clinic for their care they had given him.