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'It sounds far too grown up to call me someone's wife' - says Mrs Quirke


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rosie rout

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison has revealed that she's still getting used to married life after her summer wedding to long-term beau Wesley Quirke this summer.

When asked what it was like to be someone's wife, Rosanna said: "That's far too responsible and grown up".

"The more I say it the more I get used to it, but it's still such a strange thing to say and my mum still laughs at me," she told the Herald.

She admits though that she's a lot closer to hubby Wes since they tied the knot.


"Nothing massively changes. You feel closer together and you kind of make more of an effort to really get on," said Rosanna.

Wes's brother Andy is the face behind RTE2's top show Damo & Ivor and Rosanna is a big fan.

"I saw the first episode of the new series and it's so funny. I just loved it," she said.

"It's funny because when you meet him in real life, he's just not like any of those characters.

"But people only know him from playing Damo & Ivor but he's just so different in real life.

"The show has such a cult following now and it's a great bit of light relief on a Monday night."

The Dublin model is back at work after her whirlwind summer and has recently been working in Germany.

"Germany was great fun," she said.

"I was working at two different Oktoberfests. The first thing was for a shop called Breuninger, which is like the Brown Thomas I suppose in Stuttgart."

"Then the second one was for a hair company. It's like a media kind of event.

"I was very good I left at about 9.30pm both nights and got home because Oktoberfest just goes mental.

"Even when I was leaving, of course the photographers want you to be up on the benches dancing and holding beer and I was like 'come on, really?'

"I can't even lift up some of the beer because they were so heavy. But it does go absolutely mental."

The top model is also an ambassador for the ISPCA, and to celebrate World Animal Week, Rosanna was encouraging people to raise awareness of animal welfare across the country.