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Is there room in RTE for another ex TV3 beauty like Lorraine?

LORRAINE Keane must be loving all the speculation about a rumoured return to television.

After all the starlet has hardly been setting the showbiz world aflutter in recent times.

Now the former TV3 star (37) has sent the rumour mill into ever so mild speculation that she has landed a new gig.

Great but what type of gig is it Lorraine?

Surely there's no more room on the afternoon sofas for another ex-TV3 presenter. After all, Maura Derrane and Claire Byrne are already there. Not to mention Grainne Seoige on Sunday nights....

Could Lorraine be moving onto Nationwide? Or is it one of those dreaded roving reporter type jobs so sought after by interns? I hope not Lorraine, you're much bigger than that.

If her return is with RTE, it will surprise few as she's already reported from Haiti for RTE's Four Live programme, hosted by Maura Derrane.

Prior to her departure from TV3 in 2009, Lorraine had established herself as the queen of showbiz gossip.


Despite the media whirlwind surrounding her first foray into the literary world, the brunette beauty's showbiz book Working the Red Carpetrecorded poor sales. But that won't stop the glam lass.

"If it (writing another book) gave me the excuse to go to France again for the summer under the guise of working, I would consider it, but I don't know, I think I'll have a look at maybe doing TV this year. I can't say what," she told the Diary.

Lorraine has just returned from a month-long holiday in Australia alongside her husband Peter Devlin and their two daughters Emelia (7) and Romy (4).

The family jetted Down Under after the Christmas holidays in order to visit family members on the South coast.

Lorraine turned on the style yesterday alongside fellow media personalities Norah Casey, Bill Cullen and Jackie Lavin in order to launch Norma Smurfit's Spring Clean For Charity Sale which takes place on Sunday, March 13 at the RDS in aid of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.


According to the media personality: "There's just a great sense of community, it's great fun and it's for a very good cause.

"It gives you a chance to clear out all the stuff you think you need that someone else might actually need," she added.

In addition to her charity work, which she most recently flew to Haiti to support, Lorraine has also been renewed her lucrative contract as the face of Garnier Haircare.