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Irish stars voice their support for Boorman

A motley crew of some of our best actors were spotted out at RTE this week as they recorded a pre-Christmas special for director John Boorman, inset.

The British director of such classics as Deliverance and Excalibur called on all his famous friends to help him record the final excerpt of his trilogy of satires on modern Ireland.

Award-winning actors including Brendan Gleeson, Saoirse Ronan, Stephen Rea and Angeline Ball were all doing their part for Boorman at the Radio One studios as they gave their voices to his series.

Talented teenager Saoirse explained: "It's called After Life. I play an angel who appears to Angeline Ball's character who is in heaven and trying to stay in touch with her husband.

"It's been an amazing cast; Brendan Gleeson is in it, Stephen Rea, my dad (Paul) is in it as well so it's been lovely. It's been fun and nice seeing everyone today."

Echoing her comments, Gleeson said it was a great project to be involved in. "John is so special and for the last three Christmases, this is what we had as an early Christmas present so it's fantastic to come back in. It's always lovely," he said.

Director Boorman previously worked with Gleeson on such projects as The General and The Tiger's Tale and was full of praise for all the actors' efforts.

"I was just saying to Brendan here that it was very touching at the end and the actors have injected an emotion into this thing that I didn't even realise it had," he said.

The resulting series, called After Life, will be aired on RTE Radio One this Sunday, December 23, at 8pm.