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Irish snapper Boo thrills Posh with stylish shoot

HE'S been dubbed Ireland's answer to David Bailey and now Bray native Boo George is snapping the Queen Bee of style – Victoria Beckham.

The fashion designer mum-of-four shared a behind-the-scene snap of herself and Boo with her Twitter fans.

Beside the image, she expressed her excitement working with Boo (32).

"So excited to be shooting with Boo George – finally!! VB".

VB is among the long list of celebs Boo has photographed. He's also taken portraits of One Direction, Justin Bieber, Michelle Dockery and Michael Fassbender.

And according to Boo's 'younger but taller' brother, Tricky, the photographer is completely unfazed by his subjects' celebrity status.

"He doesn't get thrown by it at all," Tricky says.

"The whole celebrity thing is no big deal to him. I'll hear about it online and when I ask him he just says 'Oh yeah – I shot them' and shrugs."

"We were on holiday on Sherkin Island in Cork when he got this call asking him to fly back to London for the night to photograph One Direction for Teen Vogue – it was insane."