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Irish Glee star Damian set to make enemies in first episode

IRISH Glee star Damian McGinty's character is to be a victim of bullying in the smash-hit series, the Herald can reveal.

After a lot of speculation, Glee producers have confirmed that the Irish actor would make his much-anticipated debut at McKinley High next month.

To mark the arrival of Rory Flanagan to the school, the show is currently on a short break and will resume at the start of November with a fourth episode entitled Pot O'Gold, a sure hint at Damian's origins.

A picture of Damian's character, Irish exchange student Rory, on the set of Glee has been leaked and it shows the newcomer backed up against his locker as members of the hockey team try to intimidate him.

In the picture, which is the second one to have been released ahead of the episode, Rory is wearing another green outfit to complete the leprechaun reference.

Damian revealed previously that Rory would be living with Brittany's parents -- his host family -- and that the ditzy cheerleader, played by Heather Morris, believed he was "her own personal leprechaun that only she can see".

While Brittany is thought to be happy to meet the new arrival, he will make some enemies almost right away.

"[Santana] doesn't like Rory because he also has a thing for Brittany," Damian added.

He also teased that there would be a "fun scene in Brittany's bedroom", and confessed that Santana wouldn't be the only character jealous of the newcomer.

"[Rory] does a falsetto in his first song and Kurt did not like that because Kurt's the soprano of the group and doesn't want that taken from him."

Meanwhile, the Herald has learnt that the 19-year-old singer from Co Derry will be concentrating on his acting career until the end of the year, which suggests that he may be kept on Glee for longer than the expected seven episodes.

Last summer, Damian won the Glee Project, a reality TV competition in which he beat 40,000 young hopefuls for a chance to star in the blockbuster series.

The talented teen won the contest, along with Californian Samuel Larsen, and the pair were awarded a seven-episode arc on Glee, but this may be extended depending on the audience's reception of their characters.

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