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Irish dating website for ugly people a huge hit

A dating website for ugly people has proved a resounding success in Ireland, the Herald can reveal.

TheUglyBugBall.com, also known as TUBB, was launched in Ireland a year ago, and it already counts 9,000 subscribers in the Republic -- 60pc of them from Dublin.

"TheUglyBugBall.com originally launched in the UK [where it has 140,000 members] but we had such a huge interest in Ireland that we set a site up there a few weeks after the UK one," a TUBB spokesperson said.

"I think people like the site because they are slightly cynical of the way dating sites are portrayed pretty people getting together.


"The reality is that most of the people aren't really ugly, but it would never have really taken off if we had called it 'Average Person Dating Co'."

According to its creators, the site's appeal lies in its refreshing approach to the dating scene.

"If you are one of the millions of people that don't like what they see in the mirror, then this is the place for you!" it declares.

Meanwhile, other sites that are making a ripple on the Irish dating scene are LoveGAA.ie, for GAA fans, and the Irish version of Toyboy.com -- which has 10,000 members ranging from cougars to their younger cougar lovers.

However, the most popular site by far is MaritalAffair.ie, a site that has caused controversy as it provides a platform for adultery.