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Irish chef Stuart sizzles on US reality show

An Irish chef is cooking up a storm in America and has become one of the stars of a reality TV series.

Stuart O'Keeffe, (28) from Nenagh, Co Tipperary, is starring in the new show Private Chefs Of Beverly Hills, which lifts the lid on the stresses and strains of working for the rich and famous in Los Angeles.

Stuart received a BA in Culinary Arts from Dublin Institute of Technology and worked in Dublin's Unicorn restaurant before flying out to LA in 2004 to make it big.

He has socialised with Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, catered for a party which was attended by Sharon Stone, and brushed shoulders with Charlize Theron in the local grocery shop.

"You run into people like that all the time. I didn't particularly like Lindsay Lohan, I thought she was such a child."

He added: "Actors from Scrubs are in front of you getting coffee in the coffee shop. Charlize Theron was right beside me in a local grocery store next to where I live."

Stuart is living his dream after he bagged a place on the popular TV series on the food channel, and since he has decided not to be a restaurant chef he is aiming to make it big by cooking for Hollywood's elite.

He explained: "I always wanted to live in Los Angeles all my life. The Hollywood thing was always the thing I saw. I had a BA in culinary arts and I thought, 'why don't I go this way?' I tried acting, I took acting classes, but that wasn't for me.

"I get to choose what I want to cook. I always keep an element of health in it, and I cook what your mother would cook for you."

Stuart's cooks mostly Irish-American themed menus for his clients, who have included executives from Disney and Fox studios.