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Invictus star Morgan charms our Karen

TV3's Karen Koster got the ultimate seal of approval this week from movie legend Morgan Freeman.

She revealed to the Diary how the Invictus star remarked on how much she looks like Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon.

"It was off camera, but when he said that I nearly floated out of my chair with delight. I told him I'm going to be dining out on that for a while. I told him my colleague Sybil (Mulcahy) had met her alright but I haven't had the chance yet -- but she seems like a lovely lady," she said.

The Xpose anchor flew over to London earlier in the week to interview Freeman, who plays the part of Nelson Mandela in the new rugby flick.

And she revealed that the award-winning actor -- who has been nominated for an Oscar for the role -- is extremely charming in person.

"He's very charismatic and as soon as he starts talking to you, he has a way of really drawing you in," she explained.

"He was telling me all about how he spent years trying to bring Mandela's autobiography to the big screen and how he made friends with him over the years. He watched the movie with Mandela to get his reaction and he said that afterwards, he just smiled and nodded, so he must have been pleased."

Karen will now be jetting off to meet plenty more stars, as she will be covering the Academy Awards in LA for Xpose next month.