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Imelda's so bored to be with Beyonce and Lady Gaga at Grammys party

SINGING sensation Imelda May celebrated her incredible Grammys performance by rubbing shoulders with Beyonce and Lady Gaga at a glitzy Hollywood bash.

But despite being surrounded by the world's biggest stars, the Dublin native, who is only the second Irish artist to perform at the prestigious awards ceremony, found the VIP after party "boring and all business".

Speaking to the Herald, the singer's parents Tony and Madge Clabby, of The Liberties, said they were incredibly proud of their daughter for following in the footsteps of U2 to perform at the 52nd awards.

"We are just immensely proud of her. It hasn't sunk in that she has performed at the Grammys.

"People always stop me asking about Imelda," said Tony.

"We talked to her on the phone and she said the awards were fabulous but the after party was boring and it was all business.

"She only stayed for 20 minutes, had a glass of champagne and chips before they went back to celebrate in the hotel."

The rockabilly singer (35) blew away the star-studded audience, including Britney Spears, with her tribute performance of the Les Paul classic How High The Moon alongside Jeff Beck.

Sporting her trademark quiff, Imelda shunned a new designer frock for the occasion in favour of her "good-luck gold dress", which she last wore during a performance in the O2 arena in Dublin. The down-to-earth singer was only a "little bit nervous" ahead of the show, which was watched by an estimated 120 million viewers.

"She was a little bit nervous beforehand but once she goes on she is always very relaxed on stage, nothing seems to faze her," said Tony.

"She is still herself and she never changes."

But Madge revealed the Johnny Got A Boom-Boom singer's life was not all glamorous parties now she is hitting the big time.

"She works very hard. They were rehearsing for 12 hours before they finally went on stage. She was at a gig in Glasgow on the Friday night and they had a lot of trouble getting a flight out but she eventually got to Amsterdam and was delayed again so she was very tired by the time she got to LA.

"She was very happy with her performance and it went down a bomb, the applause she got was great.

"She met Katy Perry on a chat show before so she met her again and they had a nice chat. Her niece was going mad that she met the Jonas Brothers on the red carpet. She said all the celebrities were very nice."

Imelda is now set to go on tour in the US and recently completed recording her new album Mayhem, which will be released later this year.

"She's going on tour soon so that will really get her name out there. We're just really proud of her and are delighted she is doing so well," said Tony.