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I'm too old to be papped -- Vivienne

MODEL and actress Vivienne Connolly was "mortified" when paparazzi-style shots emerged of her and new love TV producer John Norton.

The Fair City star admits she was worried her new beau was enjoying the attention.

"I was looking funny at John, thinking maybe he was into this crap. And I said I hope you are not into this crap because I am not into this Brian Ormond and Pippa O'Connor crap. I'm too old," she said.


Fortunately for her, John isn't in to all this "crap" and the pair appear very happy together.

Mum-of-two Vivienne (39) has been dating John for the past four months. He is the man behind Fade Street, Dublin Wives and Celebrity Salon -- so he's used to the world of TV that Vivienne is moving in.

Vivienne, who plays Ingrid in the RTE soap, also has a refreshing attitude towards getting older -- and believes experience is the key to success in the world of acting.

"I think it is hard for any woman. But perhaps especially so in this business when you are working with younger girls.

"But then you go, well I can bring my experience and I can bring this, that and the other, and if you are strong enough in yourself, you just go, I am what I am, that is why I wouldn't even bother lying about my age. Who cares? People are only going to say, 'look at the state of her lying about her age. As if anyone believes her anyway'. So, like I said, I am what I am and I am lucky to have the career that I've had."

Fair City fans will see Vivienne's character Ingrid pitch against her love rival Carol.

Carol is getting ready to marry her fiance Louis, who is also Ingrid's former husband and the pair have had an illicit affair behind Carol's back.