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I'm too busy with baby to read bad reviews -- Leigh

ACTRESS and new mum Leigh Arnold has spoken out to defend the movie she took part in after it received savage reviews from critics.

Independent movie Charlie Casanova, made on a shoestring budget by former Fair City star Terry McMahon, has received a storm of negative comments after its nationwide release this month.

RTE broadcaster Joe Duffy described it this week as "the most slated Irish film ever" as he discussed it on his Liveline programme. The main character is played by Hollyoaks star Emmett Scanlan, who has been called a "tiresome prat".

But former RTE actress Leigh (33) has stood by her work in the film and said it's the kind of movie that was always going to receive a mixed reaction.

And she said that she's been so immersed in the joys of being a new mum to her baby boy that she has barely paid attention to the negative reviews.

"To be honest, I've been so preoccupied with Hunter to listen or read the reviews of Charlie but it's a film that's bound to stir up a lot of emotions, both positive and negative, as it does touch on uncomfortable issues," she told the Diary.

"I just hope people continue to support it by going to the cinema and forming their own opinions. Regardless, I'm very proud of the film and of all involved in it."

The same movie was nominated for five IFTA awards last February and was also nominated for some international awards -- but is clearly dividing opinion.

This week saw Leigh jetting back to Dublin to show off her new arrival to friends and family for the first time.

The overjoyed actress and fiance Steve Davies are "besotted" with him. He was born in a Manchester hospital on April 28.

And she's obviously taking to motherhood like a duck to water and said that she's blessed that her young tot is such an easy baby.

"I'm a very busy bee at the moment but Hunter is wonderful. He's a really happy and contented baby and I'm really lucky," she continued. "It's lovely being home and introducing him to everyone."

At the time of his birth, she described him as a "fantastic gift" and is now looking forward to walking down the aisle with his businessman dad next year. He popped the question during a trip to Ireland last September.