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I'm the one to change baby's nappy - Robbie

NEW father Robbie Williams has revealed he has taken charge of changing baby Teddy -- and says dealing with nappies is great bonding experience.

The singer became a father last month after wife Ayda gave birth to their first child -- Theodora Rose.

And in an interview with Real Radio North East's breakfast show, he told presenters Gary and Lisa that he is a hands-on dad.

"I am on nappy patrol. I am nappy changer, chief nappy changer. I love it. I love burping her. I love feeding her and I love changing nappies.

"It's weird -- I find it uniquely bonding."

Williams, soon to release new single Candy, said he often whiffed of baby vomit as he popped his daughter over his shoulder to wind her.

"There are times of the day when I do because, as I say, I'm chief burper," the on-off Take That star said.

And he reckoned he was thoroughly enjoying his new role in life.

"Your world changes for the better -- she's an absolute gift, she's an absolute joy," he said.

"I absolutely adore being a dad."