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I'm still searching for a sweet man online, says Sinead

Sinead O'Connor has rubbished reports that she has left a dating site -- and says she is still very much looking for love.

The optimistic singer (45) has revealed to the Diary how she's still hopeful about finding a new man and she hasn't given up her online quest on a dating website.

"A newspaper said that I left but I'm still there and loving it," she said.

She has added how she's looking for someone that's "sweet" in the wake of her break-up from hubby Barry Herridge, whom she split from 16 days after their marriage.

Under the username 'Very Careful 1', she explained how she "wants to date but nothing serious".

The Grammy-nominated star has also returned to Twitter. But this time around, she insists it's only to promote a campaign for justice for American teenager Martin Trayvon (17).

The unarmed youth was killed by Florida neighbourhood watchman George Zimmerman in a suspected racially-motivated incident. Zimmerman has not been arrested due to Florida gun laws.

"There's no time where it's appropriate to shoot a child and he was not up to mischief," Sinead added.

"The issue of race is one that doesn't get discussed very much. I feel very strongly against racism, all my idols are black people."