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I'm still in love with ex-girlfriend -- Kamal

Mr World Kamal Ibrahim has revealed he is still hung up on a former flame.

The hunky Limerick native told the Diary he still cared deeply about his London-based ex-girlfriend.

"We're still very close, I still love her and care about her very much, but logistically it's difficult because she has her goals and I have mine and we're both being pulled in different directions. I'm not seeing anybody now and I'm not looking to," he revealed.

Kamal is in the midst of intensive training to do a record breaking 30,000 feetft sky-dive for the charity The Variety Club of Ireland before Christmas. "The jumping is going great. My back is killing me but I love it. I'm going to Florida on Friday to train and the schedule is mad."

He is also flying to Colorado in the US for five days in early October to film a new documentary for RTE.

"It'll be out next year. I can't say too much about it yet but it's about me and several other celebrities going to different parts of the world with another person and doing different tasks.

"I only just found out about it a few days ago."