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I'm so relieved to miss out on Eurovision -- Melanie

X FACTOR star Melanie McCabe has admitted she is relieved that she won't be heading to the Eurovision this year.

The talented Dublin singer was meant to join pop twins Jedward as a back-up singer but was forced to pull out, when a throat infection prevented her from taking part in RTE's Eurosong contest.

Panto star Claire O'Malley replaced Melanie (18) and although thousands of other girls around Ireland would kill to share the stage with John and Edward, Melanie says she is glad she will be watching the Eurovision from her couch.

Speaking to the Herald -- the Dubliner, who made it to the judges' houses stage on the X Factor last year -- said going to Baku with the boys would have been too much hassle since she is still in school.

"I got a throat infection during rehearsals and every-day was so important so I just had to leave it. I really felt so bad letting them all down. But to be honest I'm glad the way it worked out.

"Going out there would have been too difficult because I'm still in school. Honestly it would have been more of a hindrance than anything to go, I'm glad I'm not going to the Eurovision," she said.

But although Melanie is happy to be sticking to school work instead of singing with Ireland's most famous twins, the aspiring singer says she will be following the boys all the way and hopes to focus more on her music career during the summer months.

"I will definitely be watching them the whole time. I got on so well with them so I hope they do really well. Right now I'm in fifth year and I have really important exams coming up so I just want to focus on that for now.

"Everyone keeps telling me that I need to do something big now and to strike while the iron is hot, but right now school work is what is important to me.

"These are the biggest exams before I go into my Leaving Cert year so I want to concentrate."