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I'm so in love with Brian ... and I want marriage and children -- Vogue

SMITTEN Vogue Williams wants marriage and children -- and admits she's fallen for Brian McFadden after a whirlwind relationship.

Despite wishing to keep her love life under wraps, the Fade Street star and top model has confirmed she's in love with the former Westlife singer.

In an interview with glossy magazine Stellar, Vogue said she intends to keep the finer details of her romance with dad-of-two McFadden (31) under wraps. But she's admitted to being swept away by her whirlwind romance. "I think when you meet someone and you click and it works then you just fall in love," said the Fade Street beauty (25).


"I'm very happy in my relationship," she said. "I just don't want to share it with everybody -- I want to keep it to myself.

"I don't mind people seeing pictures but it's one part of my life that I don't want to talk about."

And she admitted that she does believe in love at first sight and would love to walk down the aisle.

"Yes, I want to get married and have kids eventually. I don't want to be an old lady on my own. At least if I have kids they can look after me and be my friends," she continued.

DJ Vogue and her boyfriend are back home for three weeks to tie up some loose ends before jetting back down-under for a permanent move.

And she went on to tell Stellar magazine how she has never been so content. "I'm actually in a really good place right now. Everything is going really well for me... so much so I'm just waiting for something to knock it down. But I shouldn't be so paranoid. It's going really well. I'm very happy and everything has just fallen into place," she continued.

Vogue first met the divorced dad in May in a nightclub in Letterkenny, where Vogue was DJing. Brian had just split from long-term love, Aussie crooner Delta Goodrem in April.

A few weeks later, Vogue flew to Australia and is now planning on staying there for a year.

The series that first propelled her into the spotlight is due to make a return in the Autumn with plans to launch a catch-up series on the RTE player.

While she thanks her lucky stars she took part in the show, she admits that it wasn't to everyone's taste.

"It was great for my career definitely, no doubt about it. But to watch it back now I cringe at certain bits. Like any time I hear my voice I just cringe," she continued.

Vogue also spoke for the first time about the death of her beloved dad Freddie, who passed away the same week the show was launched last November.

"It wasn't too bad, although I don't really think I've dealt with it yet," she added. "I think that's why I kept so busy the last year -- it's just easier not to think about it. I'm not the type of person who wants to sit down and talk about things like that, I don't like the thought of anyone feeling sorry for me."

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