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I'm so happy with UK move – Maeve

SHE made her name on Naked Camera, asking total strangers out.

Then comedian Maeve Higgins flourished on her own Fancy Vittles TV show and as an author.

But now, she has joined the ranks of Dara O Briain and Sharon Horgan by moving to England.

"I wanted to move for ages. It's always been on my mind to try and do comedy somewhere else because Ireland is just so small," she said.

One of the most popular Irish stand-ups, the Cobh woman won new acclaim last October with the publication of her first book We Have A Good Time...Don't We?

"I was really glad people enjoyed my book. Really glad is an understatement actually, what's happened is I feel a bit more connected to the world because I said what I thought and a few people were like 'Oh, me too!'

"So, thank you for that, it's wonderful," she said.

And the 32-year-old believes London is the best place to inspire a follow up.

But some fans will be shocked to hear she may be moving away from the stand-up which helped make her name in Irish comedy.

"Last year I only did 20 gigs as opposed to 250 the year before. I did get to despair about stand-up.

"It wasn't for me. I felt like I had told all my stories so I need to have more adventures," she said.

However there are some things she misses about Dublin, including the size of the capital, cycling and the sense of humour.

Enjoying the anonymity of London, she said she finds the UK as friendly as home.