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I'm so happy my Serbian hunk will be joining me in UK – model Hannah

Long-distance love is no more for model Hannah Devane who is jumping for joy after her boyfriend decided to join her in the UK.

The Dublin model relocated to London last October for the sake of her career, but it meant leaving boyfriend of nearly two years, Nemanja Vukanic, at home.

Since then it has been a case of late-night phone calls and weekend visits for the couple.

But seven months later, Hannah is delighted that work is also taking her beau across the water and she is hoping that they can set up a love-nest of their own.

"My boyfriend has accepted a job offer in the UK, which is very exciting and I'm really proud of him," Hannah told the Diary.



"There are three possible locations that he could be placed in and one is Surrey, which is only half-an-hour from where I'm living now with my aunt.

"I have my fingers crossed he will be placed there so we can live together, which would be so exciting," added the 23-year-old.

The Ballsbridge model has been going out with Serbian native Nemanja (25) for nearly two years and is smitten. Nemanja decided to stay in Dublin as he was completing a Masters degree in the capital, but the pair will be reunited again after he secured a job in quality food analysis.

"It'll be brilliant – we've done seven months long distance so it'll be nice being a bit closer to one another again," she said.

"If he gets one of the other locations we will at least be in the same country and we will visit each other at the weekend so we will make it work regardless."

Nemanja will be making the move to the UK in August and the pair are looking forward to a relaxing holiday before then.

After making it into the final 10 on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model in 2011, Hannah proved to be a hit across the water and was signed by First Model Management in London.



The Dubliner made the move last October and has not looked back since, working for a string of clothing and lingerie companies.

"It's really good to have that change of moving to a new country – new clients, new faces, new jobs and new people to meet," Hannah told the Diary. "It's nice to be in a completely new place."

However, Hannah, who flies back to Dublin regularly, admits living away from home can be tough.

"You do miss people and get homesick so I'm delighted he (Nemanja) is moving over."

"I really miss my bed when I'm away and I miss my family – it's my first time away from home, so I do miss my family and my cats and my dogs."