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I'm so glad my Louis chose music... he could never hack it on the farm

LOUIS Walsh's mother has revealed that her famous son was always destined for a career in music -- because he couldn't hack it as a farmer.

The X Factor judge may be Ireland's premier music mogul, but Maureen Walsh (80) has given the details of his less than glamorous upbringing.

Although every musical act he touches seems to turn to gold, he never had the same knack for farming, and instead preferred listening to music growing up in Mayo.

Mrs Walsh said that the multi-millionaire manager was always conveniently 'too sick' to do his work on the farm, and gave first preference to the music world.

"Louis became hooked on the music business from an early age," she said. "I remember when we would be at the hay or turf and we might want a bit of help from the young ones and Louis was always listening to the bloody music on Radio Luxembourg.

"He was stuck in it every night. The lads used to joke that he suffered from hay fever but he also suffered from bog fever ... wanting to keep away from it as much as he could," she told the Mayo News.

And his devoted mother said that he was so bad at his agricultural work that they would never send him to the mart on the family's behalf.

"Of all the family he was the least one with any interest in farming," she explained. "Louis would not have made a good judge of stock. We wouldn't like to send him off to the fair or mart. I don't think you will ever see him at Balla Mart anyway!" Maureen looked stunning when she celebrated her milestone 80th birthday last month with her famous son by her side at the Park Hotel in their hometown of Kiltimagh.

The entire Walsh family was reunited, with Maureen's sons Louis, Paul, Eamon, Frankie Padraig, Noel and Joe and daughters Evelyn and Sarah all making their way to the venue to celebrate.

Although she is hailed as one of the local area's most popular residents, Maureen revealed her surprise that she was able to pack a room to ring in her birthday.

Meanwhile, Louis is expected to receive a six figure X Factor renewal contract over the coming months, alongside Dannii Minogue.