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I'm shocked to be cast as Beauty, says Love/Hate's Ruth on US role

AN Irish actress who landed the leading role of Beauty in a new ABC series says she is surprised to be cast as the "pretty girl".

Love/Hate star Ruth Bradley (25) told the Herald that while she was delighted to land a leading part in Beauty And The Beast, it was a scary prospect.

"It's strange, I've never played that kind of role, ever. I've always played the underdog, so it was initially very daunting for me.

"But when you read the script, you learn that she has insecurities too ... and that's calming," said Clontarf-native Ruth, who started filming in Toronto this week.

"It's very flattering and nice to get a role like this, you open yourself to criticism too though -- everyone's got their own opinion.

"I just want to do my job. As long as I go by my normal preparation methods, I'll be fine."

The drama will see the Dubliner work alongside Darius Campbell from Pop Idol and Letters To Juliet star Chris Egan.

She will take up the character of the love-torn and embattled 'Beauty', Princess Grace, who discovers an unlikely connection with a mercenary bodyguard, 'Beast' Shiro, played by Darius.

Ruth auditioned for the series last month while on a three-week trip to Hollywood.

"That was my first trip to LA and I was staying for a few weeks so I got myself an agent. Within days they had found me Beauty, it was great to be picked for it."

The rising star, who recently worked on the much-anticipated ITV series Titanic, written by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, has also spoken of the "strangeness" of her job.

"I don't know any of the cast yet, you just get on a plane and arrive, but that's the business. It was the same with Titanic."