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I'm ready to find love again, says Mary

RTE presenter Mary Kennedy has admitted that she would be open to finding love a second time around.

One of the country's best-known broadcasters, the mum-of-four split from her former husband Ronan Foster more than 13 years ago and described it as a "very hard time" in her life.

"Nobody gets married wanting anything other than that it will last for ever. It was a sad, difficult time," the 53-year-old Dubliner told the Herald.

But the mum to Eoin, Tom, Lucy and Eva said that she managed to cope fine with the separation as her children's father is "very much part of their lives."

"We had joint custody and everything was shared, so it wasn't as if I was rearing them on my own. They love him and love me and there was no difficulty," she explained.

The Nationwide co-anchor also revealed how she would keep an open mind when asked if she would like to have another serious relationship.

"It's not something I'm conscious of but yes. I suppose I'm at the stage where the children are now adults, so you have to think in a different direction."

She added to RSVP magazine that she is over the moon about her co-presenter Michael Ryan's forthcoming nuptials this month.