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I'm on the daddy of all diets as we plan our family says Gerald

HE'S already shed a whopping three stone. but celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean plans to lose half a stone more before his wedding to Lisa Murphy -- as the couple is planning to start a family immediately afterwards.

The gregarious lawyer (53) told the Diary he had given his glamorous other half an order for four girls once they have walked down the aisle and says he wants to be in tip-top shape before there is any pitter patter of tiny feet.

Gerald, who has one daughter, Kirsten (13) from a previous relationship, joked that rather than being a conventional father who pushes his children around in a pram, they will be busy pushing him around in a wheelchair instead.

"We both definitely want kids so, please God, all will go to plan," he explained. "I'm a big fan of daughters, obviously I have one already and I've said to Lisa I would love four more, although she's not too keen on that idea, unless she has quadruplets, as she doesn't want to be pregnant for the next few years. Obviously I am going to be older next time around so I was joking that they'll be pushing me into the lake in my wheelchair.


"I am planning to lose about another half a stone before the wedding and any of that. I've gone from 19st to 16st in the past year by going to the gym about five or six times a week and once I've lost those last few pounds, I'll be happy. It's just a matter of maintaining it then."

The Cork-born legal eagle began his new healthy eating regime last summer, after Lisa took a leaf out of French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's book and put her other half on a gruelling diet. The lawyer was forced to overhaul his champagne lifestyle after being diagnosed with diabetes more than two years ago and says he now feels better than ever.

He is looking forward to saying 'I do' to the blonde beauty on home soil, after the couple toyed with the idea of going to Switzerland or France for their nuptials.

According to Gerald: "To be honest, if it was three or four years ago we probably would be going abroad somewhere, but given the state the country is in we've decided to put the money back into the Irish economy by having our wedding here.

"We've decided on Cork for definite, now we're just trying to confirm the venue and the church. We're looking at late December, early January.

"We have also decided that guests should make a contribution to Scoil Triest rather than presents as both Lisa and I are great admirers of all the schools in Ireland who look after special needs children."