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I'm no rival for Rosie, insists model Nadia

Model Nadia Forde has commended former Miss World Rosanna Davison on her decision to take a step back from the limelight to return to college -- but insists that she won't be stepping into her shoes anytime soon.

Nadia (21) whose leggy blonde look is regularly compared to pageant queen Rosanna's, said she has no desire to become too high profile.

"I think it's great for her if she's going to go back to study. I'm delighted for her. I definitely don't want to try and take over from her though," she told the Diary.

"I'm happy with my own little bubble to be honest and I try not to get involved in the whole scene too much.

"I have a group of friends that I would see and work with a lot including Georgia Salpa, Sara Kavanagh and Louise Kavanagh, but other than that I try to stay out of it all. Of course the industry can be bitchy and I think Rosanna's right that it can be very fickle. You have to be careful about how involved you let yourself get in it."

Loved-up Nadia has just returned from a two-week break to Thailand with her DJ beau of a year and a half, Mark Noble and said the trip has got her thinking about doing more travelling.

The beauty queen has ruled out taking a year out to backpack however, insisting that she would be too homesick.

Nadia is due to attend tomorrow night's Miss Universe Ireland pageant to support her good pal Georgia, who has been asked to judge at the event.