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I'm no piece of meat, Jeremy

A big slap on the wrist to women everywhere who agreed with Jeremy Irons' comments that patting a woman on the backside is just 'being friendly'.

They have just set the women's movement back more than 50 years to the 1950s, to the office of the mad men of said series, who slap women on the backside in a world of shocking chauvinism. Sure, why don't you giggle and fix Jeremy a drink while you're at it?

The technical term is 'to be goosed'. To have your backside grabbed or pinched randomly by a stranger. To be against this behaviour is page one of every modern, progressive woman's handbook.


Women who think this is okay are doing a massive disservice to the rest of us. And no, I'm not subscribing to the PC goes mad brigade. It simply means that I'm not a piece of meat.

Jeremy says being friendly. I say being a creepy, dirty old man.

I don't think it's okay to slap a man on his backside either. Consenting adults in the privacy of their own home can knock themselves out with the backside slapping, goosing and whatever you're having yourself. To slap someone on the bottom in workplace or to slap a stranger is clearly harassment.

Remember, Jeremy Irons (above) is the man who supposedly wants to maintain an open relationship, yet he still got married. Why bother going up the aisle at all, if you want an open relationship? Staying single and playing the field would be more appropriate. But I guess if you think it's okay to pat someone on the backside, you don't even understand the word 'appropriate'.