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I'm no movie buff - presenter Mairead

TODAY FM broadcaster Mairead Farrell has revealed how she was pleasantly surprised after being offered to co-host RTE's Movie Show -- as she's not a film nerd.

She has just started work on the programme, which sees her joined by Eoghan McDermott and features movie reviews, red carpet premieres and interviews.

"It's great to be involved but I would not consider myself a movie buff by any stretch of the imagination, so when they came to talk to me about it originally, I was like, "really?" I hate things like thrillers and horror movies, I nearly have to Google the ending beforehand so I don't get any nasty surprises," she told the Diary.

"I love watching gentle, period dramas so Downton Abbey is my idea of heaven.

"But I think that's why they picked me for the show, as I'm just like a normal punter going to movies and giving my opinion on them. That's the same as the average cinema-goer, who isn't going to be an expert on films."

Joining her on the team will be programme reporters Daniella Moyles and Angela Scanlon and she added how it's "great to sink my teeth into something completely different."

She has been working as a producer and a contributor with the Ray D'Arcy Show for the past 10 years -- and says it's great to be still able to work with RTE. "I don't think there's any reason to have an issue with it," she said. "Ireland is too tiny and we have lots of personalities from other stations on the show and Ray is doing a Christmas version of School Around The Corner for RTE."

and we're all good mates on the show. It ticks all the boxes."