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I'm nervous at showing off my Voice, admits judge Bressie

HIS acts won't be under the spotlight this weekend -- but The Voice judge Niall Breslin is still feeling the pressure.

This Sunday will see the singer-songwriter perform live on stage as he bids to show viewers what he's really made of.

Last weekend saw Bressie and fellow judge Brian Kennedy having to choose between one of their six acts, making the decision to save competition favourite Jessica Pritzel over Gavin Kenny.

This time will see Kian Egan and Sharon Corr's acts fight for the public vote, but Bressie admits he will still be a bag of nerves as he performs in front of 700,000 viewers and a live audience in The Helix.

Speaking to the Herald, the former Leinster rugby star said he couldn't kick back for another while.


"I can't relax just yet. I'm actually performing one of my songs this weekend, so now I'm nervous about that.

"You'd think I wouldn't be but I am. Maybe in like three or four weeks I can actually relax a bit," he explained.

And as well as performing one of his own tracks from his debut solo album Colourblind Stereo, Bressie will also have to join fellow coaches Brian Kennedy, Kian and Sharon as they sing together for the first time live.

The four stars will come together for a special performance this Sunday but details of the song are top secret. However, Bressie says not to expect any R'n'B tunes.

"We are all performing together this weekend. We have been given five songs to choose from but we need to pick a song that suits all of our voices. We can't just go and pick an R'n'B song because that wouldn't suit us all. It needs to make sense," he explained.

But an insider told the Herald the coaches would be singing a ballad this Sunday night, and a Westlife song had even been suggested. "The producers of the show wanted to find a song where they can all show off their voice and a ballad is the only way," the source said.

"A rock song is too risky and hip hop just really wouldn't work.

"There has been talk of doing a Westlife classic and Kian is definitely up for that, it's between that and one other song at this point."

The insider added: "They recorded two tracks earlier this week together to see how they sounded because Kian had to fly back to China, so there really isn't that much time to rehearse."