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I'm in much better shape since I began my sobriety diet

A new-look Collette McBarron picked the perfect night to show off her Lovely Bones earlier this week.

The former army poster girl has returned to the Dublin social scene with a bang, at the premiere of the latest Saoirse Ronan movie.

And the ex-officer took time out to reveal how giving up the booze has turned her into a new woman.

"I think it makes a big difference," she said. "My shape has changed completely since I stopped drinking alcohol.


"It's so much easier to tone up and when you do get your figure the way you want it, it's much easier to maintain.

"I just have no interest in going out drinking and partying any more.

"I want to make a career out my fitness training and I'm determined to work really hard to get it," she added.

Since returning to civilian clothes last year, Collette has had no shortage of high-profile suitors.

The former Miss Ireland contestant has previously dated Olympic medallist Kenny Egan, Eddie Jordan's son, Zac and most recently was linked to Romanian model, Andrei Andrei.

But it seems Collette is keen to keep her latest romance under the radar, declining to comment about her new beau.

"There is someone on the scene at the minute, but I'm not really interested in having a full-blown relationship with anyone," she said.

"I'm just concentrating on my training and then I'll be moving over to London."

And Collette revealed that hanging up her army uniform was the best thing she ever did.

The Donegal native, who has made the transformation from soldier to social butterfly in a matter of months, told the Herald she has no regrets about leaving her previous lifestyle behind last April.

"It's the best thing I ever did, I'm so happy right now," she explained. "It's been a big lifestyle change for me, but I've never looked back. This time last year I was still in the army and it just feels like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

"I was in the army for six years and of course I made some great friends that I'm still in touch with, but I have no regrets at all," she added.


And it's little wonder Collette is enjoying her newfound freedom, given that she is now rubbing shoulders with some of the country's biggest celebrities, including Hollywood star Saoirse Ronan.

As our exclusive pictures reveal, the svelte blonde has come a long way from her days in uniform, turning on the style on Tuesday night to join Dublin's glitterati for the premiere of the 15-year-old star's new movie, The Lovely Bones at the Savoy cinema.

Dressed to impress in an all black outfit, the aspiring personal trainer stepped out sporting a sophisticated up-style hairdo and expertly applied make-up when she walked the red-carpet.