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I'm in full Apprentice mode now ... and viewers will see some very crazy situations

IT has been a really hectic week for me. I am fully back in Apprentice mode now that the show is back and, trust me, there are some crazy situations you can expect from this series. But it's not all about the show right now, I have my own businesses to run, too, and I'm going to be taking some much-needed time out to relax in Portugal this weekend.

I have been up the walls lately, from promoting the new series to focusing on the launch of my new beauty range. It's always go, go, go in my world.

At the start of the week me, Brian Purcell and Bill Cullen got to see the first screening of episode one before it was aired. I'm dying to see the next one but I will have to wait like everybody else.

I made sure there was no fooling around on the show this year. In previous series some contestants just wanted their 15 minutes of fame but now things are much more serious. I feel that some people on previously just saw the show as a platform to launch their own career in the spotlight. People like Breffny Morgan are getting on great but being a celebrity won't last.

He is doing lots of guest appearances and things like that, but he will need to settle down and focus on something specific now. He needs something concrete.


I really don't mind the cameras being around any more, and I'm not obsessed with how I look so that makes it easier. And I am loving my new style this year. Thankfully I'm wearing a lot more dresses this series, most of them were given to me by the boutique Fran and Jane.

The style is a bit more relaxed this year compared to the power-suit style which I wore the first two years. I'm really getting used to it, it's easier to dress that way, I just put on a dress and I'm ready to go, I'm not worrying about matching suits or anything like that.

But, honestly, I don't think about my image too much, if I did I would be obsessing over which camera angle to look at and I would always be worrying. When they are filming I really am in the zone and I just go for it. I am way more focused on what we are doing on the programme than what I look like.

Although everybody knows me from helping Bill and Brian on the show, I have my own business ventures up and running. There is no routine in my week. I run The Muckross Park Hotel in Killarney and I'm constantly up and down there organising and planning. Other days I am in with Bill helping with the car business.

This week I also had some judging duties. I interviewed 20 finalists for the Unislimmer Of The Year Award. I presented the winner with a cheque for €2,000 which was great.

On top of all that I am launching my new make-up and beauty range at the moment. Last year's Apprentice winner Michelle Massey has been helping me with that and the website is going live soon.

I am going to miss Michelle when she is gone. Her term as Bill's Apprentice is coming to an end soon, and the new apprentice will start this Christmas.

She has been great to work with, she really is a lovely girl. It is sad for her, but she has had a great year and I know she is happy with herself. She has a bright future ahead of her, she could turn her hand at anything. She is a great sales woman, and presenter, there are loads of areas she could move into now.

The next couple of weeks will be all about the show, I'll be glued to the TV every Monday night. There are some crazy situations to be expected but I've told the contestants to avoid any romance at all costs until after the series.


Getting involved with other contestants in the house is definitely not a good idea, as soon as a romance ends then where can they go from there? Breffny got caught up in that one with Geraldine O'Callaghan in the first series and that didn't work out in the end for either of them.

It's not good to get involved in personal relationships like that in the house, they need to steer clear of that if at all possible, and leave it until they leave the show. If the urge is still there when they leave then I say go for it.

After my busy few weeks preparing for the launch of the new series I am headed off to sunny Portugal this weekend for a much needed holiday. Following that, I will be going full speed with my new beauty range and of course I will be helping the new Apprentice settle into their new role with Bill this Christmas.