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I'm hitting the town with the girls

I'm flying into Dublin today and I actually can't wait. I haven't been in Ireland in such a long time. But it's always too short a visit; I just come in and, before I know it, I have to leave again.

So tonight the plan is to head out to Rouge nightclub in Swords for the opening of a new club that Tara Sinnott, I call her T, has organised.

It's going to be so much fun, nights out with her always are, so I'm planning on having a really big night and painting the town red.

She's got a great list of people coming to the party. She said Michelle Keegan is coming in and the gorgeous Niall Breslin is also on the list, who I know is really popular with all the ladies here.

Rouge sounds great and I have loads of friends appearing there over the next few months, including Lee Sharpe, who will be there next Saturday.

I'm just excited to go to Ireland and connect with all my friends and people I haven't seen in ages. I'll jump at any excuse to go to Ireland, especially for a party. I'm going to be leaving my boyfriend behind so I can enjoy a good girls night-out with my friends.

I spent lots of time in Ireland before, making a show called Style Wars for TV3 and that was so much fun. I would love to come back and film another TV show here, if the project was the right one for me.

I do love living in London, but you have to be careful sometimes. I bought a new house in Notting Hill last year and shortly after moving in, there was an attempted break-up, so the place is like Fort Knox now with everything in lock-down.

This past week has been the usual madness of business meetings and talks about new TV projects.

Last weekend I went to the pre-Wimbledon party at Kensington Roof Gardens, which was laid on by Richard Branson. It was so much fun, it exceeded all my expectations. The venue was gorgeous and the atmosphere was great, a really lively party.

There were loads of celebrities there and I met up with friends like Elen Rives and Lizzie Cundy as well as Joy Desmond, who's married to Richard Desmond who owns Channel 5. I also spotted Serena Williams coming in behind me and she's always really sweet.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay that long as I had to go to the BBC for a show with Andrew Neil called This Week and I really needed to keep my wits about me.

I was basically talking about how I had made my fortune from being a pretty girl, but that it did hold me back initially when I was starting my own business, because people assumed I was dumb.

I was also debating about things such as the popularity of plastic surgery. I've heard of girls as young as 18 and 20 getting Botox treatment, which is really shocking to me as it's way too young.

Then I was off to New York City earlier in the week, as I had a few meetings over there with stockists about the By Caprice lingerie and swimwear range.

On Wednesday it was back into London to tidy up things in the office. I had a crew coming in from Bravo TV in the States yesterday and that could turn out to be a brilliant opportunity for me; it could be massive.

The head of Bravo wants to commission a show with me, so I'm hoping that gets the go-ahead. I can't say too much about it, but it's more structured than your standard reality show, it will focus a lot on the business.

I have done a lot of reality shows in the past, such as Celebrity Big Brother and Come Dine With Me.

It's not that I love doing them or anything, but sometimes that's all that's out there in terms of television work. What I would really love to do is go back to the West End for another run. I adored doing shows such as Rent and, long-term, I would love to sign up for another one.

The company's doing great now. I have talked a lot in the past about my financial difficulties, but now we're doing really well.

We're making some good, solid money and I've just been hiring great people for the expansion as you have to be ready for all the changes.

I made the mistake last time where we expanded but we didn't have the right people in place, so I've learnt from that and changed it for next time. Sadly I had to say goodbye to Tara as my marketing manager as she was offered her dream job in the States.

She has spending a few months in Ireland, getting her ducks in a row and spending time with family and friends before she heads off, so I'll still get to see her as I'm out to LA quite a bit so I'll see her then.

She's so good at what she does so she'll succeed at whatever she sets her mind to and I wish her all the best. I intend to have a great catch-up session with her tonight as I help her toast all her new ventures.

Caprice is DJ'ing at the official launch of Rouge Nightclub Swords, which opens tonight