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I'm happy single, but pals think I'm weird - Alesha

SINGER Alesha Dixon says that her friends consider her to be weird because she is happy to be single.

The Britain's Got Talent judge admitted she is in no rush to have children, and said she wonders whether she may be lacking maternal feelings.

However Dixon (33) added: "I do want kids. But I'm quite happy not having children right now. I love the fact that I can live a spontaneous lifestyle. And I love a lie-in."


The star, who defected from Strictly Come Dancing earlier this year, said she was currently single but has been on dates, but she was "just private about it".

Dixon said she enjoyed living alone and did not get lonely, although her friends found it difficult to understand how she could be happy without a man.

"I've got friends who genuinely do (think I'm weird).

"They sit there and go, 'I need a man.'

"I'll have a go at them -- 'You don't need a man, you need a hobby. You're just bored.

"Go and get a box-set. Get over it'," she said. "Babies smell amazing, but I'm not one of these women who smell a baby and go, 'I want one'. I see a dog over the field and go, 'I want one'.

"I hope I don't have something maternal missing," she said. "I'm still friends with the girls I grew up with and they're all on their second child.

"They're all like, 'Don't be in your 40s by the time you have kids,' and I'm like, 'Why not? There's nothing wrong with that."


Dixon, who is divorced from So Solid Crew star MC Harvey, said she had been getting annoyed by BGT boss Simon Cowell's frequent ribbing about her single status.

"The winding up does annoy me," she admitted.

"Anyone who walks out on stage, whether he's eight or 80, they'll go, 'Oh, Alesha, he'd be good for you'. I'm the butt of the single jokes."