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I'm giddy with excitement ahead of Toy Show -- it's like being a child again

THE past week for me has been exhilarating, it's been exciting and it's been exotic as we face into another Late Late Toy Show.

And it's that time of year that I can really bring out the giddiness and get away with it, and I am getting away with murder.

I've got nerve guns that I'm shooting at people's heads and I'm breaking toys and dismantling stuff.

I'm annoying everyone who I'm working with, on a level that really hasn't been surpassed to date.

The Late Late show is normally divided into four parts -- this one has five parts. It's a long, long 48 hours leading up to it but you're just driven on by the craic, the buzz in the studio and the feeling of fun around the place. It's like being a child again.

I cannot wait. I've been up early every day this week with excitement -- I'm not pretending it. I just love it.

I don't really know what the big difference is this week. I just think the country is even more sad and depressed and we're the rainbow and I love that.

I do think the Toy Show provides an opportunity for people who are in trouble to forget about it all for two or three hours. We are trying to provide the splash of colour in a grey time.

There's lots in store for viewers. X Factor stars Union J are going to be on the show tonight but, to be honest, I'm more excited about the kids who are going to be performing.

In terms of the most popular toys, it's a hark-back to the old reliables like Moshi Monsters and Peppa Pigs and then also all the Batman and Twilight stuff and the One Direction action figures.

There's been a brilliant atmosphere around RTE. I came out of the studio earlier and there was a gang of schoolkids from Ballymun who were out to sing for the choir and I walked out and they broke from their teacher, they went rogue and they ran at me cheering.

It was just a buzz. It's like being a strange version of Santa because the kids are running at you and telling you about their toys and they're all giddy and that's really infectious.

As usual, there has been lots of speculation about what jumper I'm going to be wearing. And the search for the most disgusting jumper came to an end three weeks ago when I found what can only be disguised as a sartorial weapon of mass destruction. It's from a movie, I'm not going to tell you what it is, but it's exceptionally disgusting. I'm going to auction it afterwards for the St Vincent de Paul.

It will be the usual fanfare tonight, I think people will be gob-smacked by the opening number. There's a closing number as well, which is unusual for us. Let's just sit back and watch the kids shine.

The Late Late Toy Show will air at 9.35pm on RTE 1