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I'm focusing on my own kids for now, says ex-RTE star Mary

FORMER children's TV presenter Mary Kingston has no intention of returning to our screens until her own youngsters are grown up.

The once pink-haired Cork woman, best known for her shows Scratch Saturday and the Disney Club, left RTE following the birth of her daughter five years ago.

And she has now revealed that she wanted to focus on her own children rather than entertain the country's.

"I had Fionn, who's now seven, and kept going with the presenting, but when I had Siofra five years ago I just decided to give it a rest -- I couldn't give 110pc anymore," she said.

"I want to pick them up from school, to talk to them about their day."

Despite her long-standing career in entertaining a generation of Irish children, Mary (42) laughs that her own two are completely indifferent to it.

"They haven't even seen any of it. I've done reports on daytime telly on RTE and they've seen them but they take it with a pinch of salt."

She added: "I have such great memories from my time as a kids' presenter. I made so much great friends, and got to do some amazing things. I got to film warthogs from a hot-air balloon in Kenya, lemurs in Madagascar, penguins in the Galapagos Islands, but I wouldn't go back. I simply don't want to work full time anymore, the kids are my priority."

The Dalkey resident is currently doing reports for the Derek Mooney show, and says that she is enjoying her new experiences working for radio.