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I'm finished tweeting says 'busy' Tubs after onilne attacks on him

RTE star Ryan Tubridy has quit Twitter, saying he's too busy.

The broadcaster closed his personal online account last night after bidding farewell to his 60,000 followers.

"Dear Twitter, this is my last tweet. It's been lots of fun but I must leave," Tubridy posted.

The radio star did not give a lengthy explanation as to why he is giving up the site, simply telling fans that he cannot fit in the time to keep up tweeting.

His move came after he suffered a torrent of abuse from some followers over comments he made relating to London riots.

On Monday night, he posted: "Watching rioters dousing a car with petrol before the match is struck. Awful scenes. The revolution is being televised."

Dozens of people criticised him for appearing to condone the riots.

The dad-of-two clarified his comments moments later, writing: "Just to clarify, the 'revolution' quote was just that, not my description of the mindless rioting."

The quote was a reference to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, the 1970s song by Gil Scott-Heron.

However, the DJ -- who is filling in for Graham Norton on the BBC -- said his decision to fall silent was nothing to do with that row.

The 38-year-old has been has an avid contributor on the social medium since he joined in July 2009.

Fans of the self-confessed young fogey took to writing about Ryan after his abrupt exit: "For Tweetdeck users, search @tubridytweets and you'll see what he's had to put up with. Don't blame him -- Good luck Ryan."

Tubridy's last tweet comes two weeks after the JNLR figures recorded a dramatic 110,000 drop in listenership for his 2fm programme.

Tubridy's listenership now stands at 186,000 -- down from 296,000 when late broadcaster Gerry Ryan was at the helm in the same slot.

Despite the 2fm show's falling figures, things are looking quite promising for him over at the BBC, where Ryan is enjoying an eight week part-time slot covering for Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2.