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'I'm being tormented since my pics were put on dating site'

A Miss Ireland hopeful has been tormented by hundreds of men after a fake profile of her appeared on a dating website.

Ciara Allen, was left shaken after she discovered an imposter was posing as her on matchmaking site Plenty of Fish, stating she was looking for a relationship with men.

The culprit posted personal details and pictures of the 21-year-old online.

Distraught Ciara told the Herald: "It happened on Monday night and within a couple of hours, I had hundreds of Facebook requests from random men and about 40 emails.

"My phone was hopping all day and night, it was insane.

"It completely freaked me out to be honest, it wasn't funny or jokey at all -- it looked totally real, so someone obviously spent a lot of time putting the profile together," she revealed.

"I thought it was a wind up, I couldn't believe it ... I've no idea who did it, but it must be someone I know because loads of stuff about me was up there, like the fact that I'm into camogie, my height, personal photos. It was weird."

Although the profile page was deleted from the website yesterday, Ciara is still getting hassled from users looking to hook up with her.


"Whoever did it has obviously been having conversations and chats online on my behalf, too, because I've had guys start talking to me on Facebook or mailing being like, 'Oh sorry I missed you last night, how are you doing?'.

"They really went to great lengths to do this. My parents were shocked, it's not something I'd ever do, obviously, they just couldn't understand why somebody would play such a prank on me."

Ciara is a Cork native, but has entered the upcoming competition as Miss Carlow -- home of her grandparents.

Regardless of the result on April 28, when reigning pageant queen Holly Carpenter gives over the crown, brunette beauty Ciara is planning to take a gap year from her Business Studies degree at Cork Institute of Technology.

"I want to move up to Dublin and get involved with Assets or AR model agency ... I've been watching some of the girls in the papers and I really want to give it a go, properly.

"I'd love to follow in the footsteps of Lisa Nolan, I really like her. I know she's not huge yet, but I really admire her, she works very hard and does have a lot behind her. I watched her on ICA Bootcamp too, she was brilliant."