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I'm back to boybands, says Yvonne ahead of 1D show

OLD habits die hard – and mum-of-three Yvonne Keating says she's back to watching boy- bands in concert.

THE 38-year-old is planning on taking her youngest daughter Ali to see One Direction at the O2 next week.

"My little one wants to go to see them so we'll probably end up at the concert – I'm back to boybands again," she joked.

It's the second teenybopper show Yvonne has been to in weeks. The glamorous mum was backstage at Justin Bieber's gig for daughter Missy's 12th birthday. Estranged husband Ronan was there and described Bieber as a "lovely guy".

"We went to Justin Bieber for her birthday," Yvonne explains. "And she's still coming down from it. It was great – an amazing gig. Great atmosphere."

Earlier this week, Yvonne attended the opening night of musical Once in the Gaiety Theatre along with boyfriend, cameraman John Conroy.

The pair have been dating for over a year.

However, there was a potentially embarrassing moment when one of the central characters in the play slagged off Ronan's romantic abilities.

Musician Billy advises the lead male Guy to cool his advances on a young women.

"Take a cold shower," he says. "Or listen to a Ronan Keating album, that usually does it for me." He then goes on to say that listening to Ro's crooning is the ultimate passion killer.

The audience erupted into laughter at the quip, it remains to be seen what Yvonne thought. She did say she was a big fan of the movie and was thrilled she have been invited to the event.