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I'm avoiding Michele since our Bootcamp bust-up says Collette

Party girls Michele McGrath and Collette McBarron haven't spoken since clashing on the RTE show ICA Bootcamp.

Viewers will see the outspoken socialites trading insults in front of the cameras as the show finally hits the small screen tonight.

According to former Army lieutenant Collette (25) -- who has relocated to London -- tensions between herself and Michele most definitely weren't an act in order to boost ratings.

"Let's just say there was a major personality clash between myself and Michele," Donegal native Collette explained to the Diary.

"People watching the show will see that there's a bit of a difference of opinion between us when it comes to certain things, to put it mildly.

"I wouldn't knock anyone and I know Michele has her own talents, but she and I just don't have anything in common. I haven't seen or spoken to her since.

"There was talk of making another show where the older women would come and spend a week with us living our lives, but I think all the problems we had would put me off."

"There's no point in putting yourself through something that you know you won't enjoy," she added.

The glamorous girls about town were joined by fashion writer Emily O'Donnell and model Claudia Murphy on the show, as they spent a week getting back to basics at the Irish countrywomen's association base of An Grianan in Termonfeckin, Co Louth.

Collette, who hit the headlines two years ago when she quit the army in order to pursue a life in the limelight, admits that she is extremely competitive by nature, but says that she and fellow participants Emily and Claudia got on well.

The model turned personal trainer went on to explain how she is now enjoying the single life once more after giving her relationship with millionaire Eddie Jordan's son Zac Jordan another shot briefly last summer.

According to Collette: "I was the only single person who took part in the show as all the other girls had boyfriends.

"I did give an old romance another go for a while but I've decided I need to be single right now and just concentrate on my career and making the most of my new life in London.

"I'm not really interested in having a relationship with anyone until I meet someone with the same life goals and ambitions as myself."

Collette, who studied for a qualification as a fitness instructor this year, has just launched her own business in London called Barrons Fitness.

The former beauty queen says she already has a number of big names on her books and was in talks with pop queen Madonna about working with her in the future.