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I'm ashamed of my drunken Tallafornia antics - Kelly

A TALLAFORNIA housemate has finally admitted having regrets about her behaviour on the sleazy reality TV show.

Model Kelly Donegan says that she was mortified when boyfriend Dave Behan's parents watched her "worst moment" in the Tallafornia house.

The 22-year-old also revealed to the Herald that her personal trainer beau refused to speak to her after the dramatic, drunken episode aired on Irish screens last week -- even though it happened nearly six months ago.

Viewers saw the couple have a major bust up on the TV3 show after housemate Phil Penny (22) accused Kelly of trying to kiss him behind Dave's (26) back in the bathroom.

The leggy brunette was also seen provocatively drinking shots from Philly's crotch as the stars enjoyed a night out.

Dave can't hide his emotions and just wouldn't talk to me, he got angry all over again," said the glamour girl.

"We obviously made up, but it was very awkward because we've been watching some of the show together, but we didn't meet up for that one -- I was dreading seeing it. Even though it was months ago and we're getting on great and know what happens, it was really hard to watch.

"I've met Dave's folks a few times and they're lovely, so I was mortified about them seeing it. That really wasn't one of my finest moments."