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'I'm an alcoholic' - Apprentice's Steve reveals

APPRENTICE finalist Steve Rayner makes a shocking admission during tonight's episode when he reveals the details of his battles with drink and gambling.

With just three contestants fighting for the top job with Bill Cullen, tonight will see them enduring tough interviews with four industry professionals.

However, it is 30-year-old Steve Rayner from Cork who raises eyebrows when he reveals that he is a recovering alcoholic and compulsive gambler.

In a brutally honest interview with entrepreneur Gavin Duffy, Steve admits that his problem was so bad that he frequently owed money to people.


This prompts a concerned Gavin to question if Steve can be trusted as an employee in a professional environment.

It's one of the most emotional moments of the entire series, which draws to a close with next week's grand final.

In tonight's show, Steve battles it out with inner-city Dubliner Geraldine O'Callaghan and Galway man Stephen Higgins for a place in the final task.

Viewers have flocked to the apprenticeunseen.ie website to vote for Stephen as the candidate most likely to impress in tonight's interviews.

Yet there is a surprise in store for fans of the show as they watch Stephen being put through his paces.

Having irritated Bill Cullen with his trust issues and arrogant demeanour, Stephen has been warned to up his game ahead of tonight's programme.

And with the final in his sights, the 25-year-old personal trainer will be hoping to turn in a stellar performance, particularly now that former frontrunner Lucinda Kelly is no longer a threat.


The 29-year-old Eircom worker was the surprise loser of last week's task, after presiding over a laughable campaign for Appleby Jewellers.

Her departure means that feisty Dubliner Geraldine is also one step closer to the top job and a €100,000 salary.

But, with no less than

four interviewers to impress, the bubbly accounts manager will need every ounce of her charisma to prove that she has what it takes to work alongside Bill Cullen.

Ultimately, it's the feedback from interviewers that prompts Bill to make up his mind, but we're not saying who is on the receiving end of the firing finger.