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I'm afraid my baby will be too big to deliver old fashioned way - Morgan

SINGER Morgan Deane Smith has revealed she's opting for a C-section instead of a natural birth -- because she's afraid her baby will be too big to deliver the old-fashioned way.

The petite 26-year-old, who is married to South African cricket hero Graeme (31), told the Herald they decided months ago to opt for a caesarean section when the big day comes.

"I decided quite early in the pregnancy to have a C-section ... frankly I'd fear natural birth more ... I never had [major] natural birth fears really, as it was never an option for me -- Graeme is 6ft 4in and a big man so the baby is growing at rapid pace, like its father, so C-section is just the best option for us.

"I'm not nervous about the operation at all, I wish it was today," she added.

Former Jedward backing singer Morgan also said her sports star husband's commitments with his team over the summer was a factor.

"As Graeme is travelling with the England tour from July to September, we had to actually schedule in the birth so that he would be here for it."

With only five weeks to go before becoming a first-time mum, brunette beauty Morgan is counting down the days on bed rest, after spending months getting her nursery ready.

"I had no idea there was so much beautiful baby furniture out there. We had a cute rocking chair made by a local elderly man here in Cape Town.

"We've tried not to get too carried away with expensive things, but my one slightly more lavish nursery item is a crystle chandelier, it's stunning. A couple of weeks ago we were slightly overwhelmed by all that we had to go out and choose, but now we've gotten everything."

And Morgan, who suffered a miscarriage last year, has been enlisting in special classes to keep her fit and calm.

"I started classes here called PreggiBellies and it's going really well -- a little bit of exercise at this stage is great."