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I'll tuck in to festive feast, insists bride-to-be Aoife

MODEL Aoife Cogan has revealed she intends to "splurge on pudding and cake" this Christmas despite imminent wedding dress fittings.

The Castleknock beauty is "counting the days" until the festive holidays and has no intention of restricting herself when it comes to the turkey.

"Christmas is a time for enjoying food, I'll definitely be splurging on treats and puddings," the 27-year-old told the Herald.

"I'm a big Christmas bunny, I can't wait for December 1 to put up all my decorations -- the house will be covered."


The catwalk queen is planning to spend the holidays with her family at home, while fiance and Irish rugby player Gordon D'Arcy (31) will head over to his parents for the day, in between training sessions.

"He'll be working around Christmas, they play matches then.

"I work mostly weekends because that's when the shows are, so I'll enjoy relaxing and catching up with everyone."

Despite plans to marry one of Ireland's most eligible sporting stars next year, Aoife has no plans to kill herself with an exercise regime in the build-up to her wedding.

"I don't go to the gym, it's not my thing -- our dog Wilson has to be walked twice daily, so that's enough for me.

"You want to look the same as you always do, I think, so I'm not going to diet or do anything dramatic for the day.

"I'm healthy, but I am blessed with my mum's good genes. I'm sure I'll get to a point when I need to work out, but for now I'm happy as I am," said Aoife, who added that she finds the gym "boring".

"Maybe in January I'll have to go though," she laughed.

The couple, who are set to get hitched on July 6 next year, have "very little organised" and are enjoying a laid back approach to the affair, which will take place in Castle Leslie in Monghan.

"We've been too busy to plan much, so it'll be nice in the new year to get it all done. I already have my dress narrowed down anyway -- I've worn so many over the years working that I had a fair idea of what I wanted," said Aoife, who added that she's keeping the details of the bridal gown a surprise until the big day.

While she works as a model full time, Aoife has started making a name for herself as a budding artist.

"I'd love to pursue art as a career when I hang up the stilettos, it's 100pc me and I love working with my hands -- that's definitely the route I'll go down in the future," said the bride-to-be, who is designing her own wedding invites.

"When modelling winds down around December I get stuck in to my art, I have a few commissioned pop art portraits lined up over the next while," she added.