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I'll step in to mentor our Janet now all my acts are gone - Louis

X FACTOR judge Louis Walsh is ready to step in and mentor Irish hopeful Janet Devlin.

Louis, who is a huge fan of Janet, hopes to help out the budding star on the series and believes she can give the country a huge lift.

"I told Janet that I would give her any help she needed," said the judge, who now has no more acts in the competition.

"She is an amazing talent and the Irish have to stick together. Kelly has three acts left so, obviously, she is divided in three ways," said the 59-year-old, adding that the Irish people need to get behind Janet now more than ever.

The Westlife manager has showered the teen with praise throughout the competition and was quick to stand up for the contestant on last weekend's show when Janet's performance was slated by Gary Barlow (40).

"Louis absolutely loves her, he keeps talking about her Celtic soul and he went up to her backstage to tell her she blew him away with her performance," close pal of Janet Megan Sweeney told the Herald.

"Louis will be in her corner now that his acts are gone, he's Irish too and that's important."

Speculation has been rife that Kelly Rowland and Janet have barely spoken lately and that the Tyrone girl is feeling "unloved" by her mentor, now that pink-haired Amelia is back in the running for the X Factor crown.

However, it seems Kelly is keen to put the rumour mill to rest and that Destiny's Child star treated her girls to a luxurious spa day yesterday.

Amid rumours of a fall-out, the 30-year-old decided to treat Janet and her other hopefuls Misha B (19) and Amelia Lily (17) to a pampering session at an upmarket hotel in London.

Sources close to the singer have also insisted she is not at war with the chart-topper and they have been in contact every day.